Zwift Academy Road 2021 FAQ


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Update: I put a support request in with Today’s Plan and they have kindly linked my account to the ZA Road 2021 dashboards and branding. :+1:


I signed up for a baseline ride (level C) and was logged in to Zwift game 10 minutes early. The event window said “starting now” but nothing ever happened and the ride started without me. Am I supposed to wait for the ride to begin here at this main screen, or enter Watopia?

Hello, I finished the baseline ride on Aug 31 (Standard ride). The activity is properly saved and visible in companion app.

The issue is that when I want to see the details under Academy section, it is all dashes, even now two days later.

I tried to delete cache etc. but still have the same issue. Anyone has the same issue? I hope I do not need to repeat the ride again and get the same result :upside_down_face:!

Thanks for help.


Unfortunately you need to enter any of the worlds (doesn’t need to be the same one as the event is scheduled for).

You’ll then get an pop-up inviting you to to join the event and you’ll be transported to the starting pen for the event (or decline if you’d like to do other riding first - there will be a button in the lower-left section of of the screen with a countdown timer to the start of the event; along with regular pop ups that ask if you would like to join the event now).

You’re too strong! :grinning:

50% of my FTP is 90 watts, which seems like a comfortable start. 35% would be 65 watts, which seems too low.

Maybe a simple percentage is not a universal answer. Perhaps the warmup should start at something like the greater of 35% and 75 watts.

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Yeah, that would be a great idea. But knowing Zwift it’s never gonna happen. They couldn’t even deliver a good user experience on the baseline ride. :yum:

The baseline and first 2 workouts showed up on my tracker ok. But I did workout #3 over 6hrs ago and had all the usual completion messages but it isn’t showing up on the Tracker.

I’ve not tried it in the academy workouts, but I’ve not lost stars in the past for disabling ERG during warm-up and warm-down sections and doing the Watts I want.

I’ve completed Workout #3 twice and neither is counting toward my progress. Not sure what to do about that :thinking:

Hey I’m having a little trouble understanding when to do the workouts. Do I do workout 1 exclusively in week 1 as many times as I want or do I do all six workouts sequentially each week?

Maybe an idea for the next one is to automatically populate calendar with what workout and what day (I can then schedule an event that suits my time on that day).

Nope, you should do them sequentially, but not all six in the same week! You need rest days too and recovery rides. If you are new to structured training then maybe start with 2 workouts a week with a few recovery rides mixed in. This is very individual, so it depends on your current level of fitness.

Hey Mike thank for that. I 'm used to structured workouts which is my problem it think as I am used to just doing what is in my calendar without thinking lol. So its pretty free flow then and up to individual needs.

Did anyone have trouble pedaling in Workout #1? I’m on a Kickr Bike and the pedaling got so f-ing hard, it nearly froze up (it actually did on 2 segments) on the 140w and 170w segments. I failed to get star points on most of them.

And lastly, did I even get any credit for doing this workout???

That seem like the Spiral of death.


That sounds like the “spiral of death” when in ERG mode if you reduce your cadence the bike/trainer will increase resistance so you hit the wattage target. As it gets harder you naturally slow down cadence even more, and more resistance is then added… etc… hence spiral of death. Make sure you keep a decently fast cadence especially as you enter the vo2 max intervals, get on top of the gear as they say.

You don’t need to earn the stars to get credit, that doesn’t matter.


What I do when I get into the "Erg spiral of death is just turn Erg off for a bit, then once your pedaling is back to normal, turn it back on. Not sure if that helps.


Because so many new Zwifters are doing this training event series, it is extra important for ZHQ to make this as easy as possible. Obviously it would have been possible to give notice of the start for the test sections since there’s new 500m to go signs.

So many riders in my event this morning had no idea of when the sections were going to start. I had the start distances list on my table and messaged the group as we rode. Judging by the number of “Thanks” I got there were lots who had no idea where the sections were.

Maybe a ride leader bot. They could speak to all of these questions when we leave the pen.

And how in the world did I end up with a black cap? I couldn’t switch it out and that was annoying.

Come on, I know you can do better than this.

I think the mistake is that ZA is marketed as a plan/event “for everyone”, it really isn’t. This is a boot camp trying to identify outstanding individuals for a pro contract. This is not meant for beginners, as evidenced by all the issues with noobs not having a clue what’s going on, when to do the workouts, how often, etc…

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