Zwift 10-12 wk FTP builder - intensity error?

Hi, i looked a bit but didn’t found any reactions on this before.

I’m busy with the 10-12 wk FTP builder and noticed that this suddenly gets a lot easier as of week 5 until week 12. Whereas z2 zone was 72% of FTP before (including the weeks to get in shape), it becomes 65% as of week 5 for foundation training. The same with the thresholds and recovery: from 103% to 95% and 52% to 50% respectively.

I’m a bit confused by this. And especially wondering if this was intentional since it sound contradictory that a program would go from harder to easier.

Anybody had a similar observation?

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Hi @Frederik_Vandenweghe

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If you look at the training plan you see that from week 5 the time increase per week and also the SP (Stress points TSS) increase. So the load for the week get more.