ZRL - X symbol in team dashboard

Thie seeems to be something new in ZRL, in the team dashboard.

A few of my club’s riders have an X in the category column, whereas most show the correct cat. Does anyone know if WTRL have explained this on Facebook (since they seem to assume everyone sees their posts there) and if it’s anything I should be concerned about?

It doesn’t seem to follow any pattern that I can see. Most of our riders with an X don’t have any recent Zwiftpower results, but I do have one rider who rode in the last round but has an X showing.

we’ve got one rider showing that but he hasn’t done any races for a long time so has no ZP data for the last 90 days so i’m putting it down to that, why your rider is showing that despite having data is maybe just a quirk of wtrl

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I’m sure i saw that last time for some riders it took take to check their results. If you have just added the rider i would not be worried.

But if they have no recent races i would suggest they do some racing in the next couple days before the weekend when leagues are sorted

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