ZPower - Icon with PowerMeter on Classic Trainer

Hi Zwift,

i am using a Power2Max-PM w/ Ant+ on my Classic Trainer - my real power is shown - but with this Z-Sign, looking like i am using ZPower.

Why is it not possible to choose “Classic” Trainer in my Setups to get rid of this Sign…

Can you fix this or help me?

Thank you…

Hi, Woody!

When pairing a Power device, it is not required that you select a trainer during the pairing process. In the Paired Devices screen, instead of pairing in the Speed + Classic Trainer catagory, select Power Source and pair your device there. You will not need to select a trainer, and you will see the PM icon in the game.

Ride on!

Hello Lindsay…

I can only see the a Kind of Flash-Icon or is this the the PM-Icon?

i already paired several times :slight_smile:


The flash shaped icon next to the w/kg readout on the riders list nameplate indicates a power meter, yes.