ZP - Don't Understand?

Yestarday, 2/4/2021 in 3R Alpe Du Zwift KOM Race (20km 1444m), my colocation was ZP, but don’t understand because all the time except on final kilometers put more power, like everyone. How is the motive for this If started in my category B like my profile and Don’t haver inscription ‘almost in another category’, realy don’t understand. Thank’s.

Hi @Rogerio_Maes

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You are using a non smart trainer (Zpower) the race specify no Zpower and therefore you got a ZP tag.

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Hi, @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ , thank’s, this race was only to no zpower riders, is this?

Sorry I don’t understand the question.

Sorry, the race was only for cyclist who até not registered with zpower?

That is correct they setup the race that it won’t have results for Zpower riders.

So you can do the race but you won’t be in the results if you use Zpower.

There are two different things with confusingly similar names in play here: Zwiftpower the race results service, and Zpower the speed->power estimation algorithm (that allows you to use Zwift with a speed sensor and a dumb trainer). In this case, the results on the first one do not allow results from riders using the second one.

Perfect @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ , thanks for clarifying the doubt and Ride On.