Zone2 Training... Power or BPM?

Hello… Newbie here.
Wants to kick off Zone2 training for a week. I have heard and read about how important that is but the word ‘Zone 2’…is it BPM Zone2 or Power Zone2?

Power zones are a lot more meaningful than HR zones, because there are a lot of outside factors that can influence your HR (fatigue, illness, caffeine, etc).


Hi. It really depends on what you are trying to do. As you might be experiencing your Z2 HR and Power can be completely different. In my experience with fat burning, you should definitely concentrate on HR Z2 and not Power. If your goal is to power away at Z2 (power) for a super long time, then stick to power. Hope this was helpful.

Both. The top of zone two is really defined by your LT1, and to know that, recognising the patterns / correlations of heartrate and power is really important.

Try to work out your max sustainable power for long durations without any aerobic decoupling

Thank you for that Marius.
Yes, I would like to build myself for group endurance ride without falling behind. Not that they going fast or anything they are just steady and constant, up hill or flat for 2-3 hours.
I just ‘cark-it’ after about 1.5 hours.

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I’d suggest joining The Herd Sunday Endurance if it fits your time zone. It’s 2 hours or course based distance at 1.5-2.0 every Sunday. Do two hours with the group and then continue for another hour to complete your desired training time. It social and the ride leaders stick to the advertised pace :+1:t3:

Power if you have reliable source. Your power is a direct measurement of the work that you are doing. Your HR, as others say can be greatly varied with all of the other life factors, but it is a measurement of your body’s reaction to the work that you are doing. If you’re sick or having a bad day, HR is fine to make sure that you’re not over extended but on any other day, I would prefer power.