Zone training help, please

Just figured out the hearts are likes, lol.

How do you get an icon for posts in the forum?

Gonna try the epic ride again next Saturday, but not try to do it as a zone 2 ride.

You must make in your profile at Be patient, can take some time to show here :grin:

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Thanks! Will see how long it takes for change.

Gonna try singing 99 Bottles of Beer during my next zone 2 ride. May have to wait till wife is out of the house. Dog will just have to suffer, lol.

Can’t the dog sing with you?

Couldn’t sound any worse, lol.

i use the robopacer named maria for zone 2 riding (YMMV). if you focus on trying to stay right next to the bot, it’s both more interesting of a ride and more likely to keep you in the zone you were trying to attain. i’ve also found that even if maria is going up and down hills, if i focus on staying right next to her i average out to zone 2 over the whole ride. (ie, my HR might come up a bit during an uphill, but it goes back to zone 2 once it’s over)

Hmm, I am not sure if I can stay with Maria for a long zone 2 ride. Which is why I mentioned testing robopacers for zone 2.

Like I mentioned, gonna try Miguel first for the 25 lap volcano circuit badge. If that seems too easy for zone 2, I will move up to Maria.

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Thinking of using descending interval training, like described here:

Anyone here have experience with this?

I can sing while holding 150 watts, and I sound like I am doing something a bit strenuous. On the other hand, first time my puppy has heard me sing…she ran and hid, lol.

Think Miguel is right for zone 2 for me as I was in the vicinity of 1.7 w/kg most of the time.

I belive this is what zone 2 training looks like.

Was a rider doing a workout (got screen in front, right?), who helped me pace. Wish I could have given him a thumbs up. Anyway to do it after the ride?

Why couldn’t you give him a ride on during the ride?

After the ride, you would need to find him on the companion app and then give him a ride on.

Can’t reach laptop.

OK, just gave ride on, I think, in companion, thanks!

Maybe I need to mount my phone somehow.

BTW, practically fall off my bike trying to activate power ups, lol.

I got the big mouth (new user) award for March. :sunglasses:

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definitely! lots of options for handlebar phone mounts out there.

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