Zap The Cheaters

Can’t Zwift put in some programming to recognize bogus power, speed, etc? I was in a race, hammering away. My nearest rival was about 1 minute 30 seconds back. Within a matter of 30 seconds he had closed down on me to within 15 seconds or so. His w/kg were orange and double digits for the entire time. He must have been riding at 90 mph! Programming should be set to some time of cap that no matter what a person does to cheat the program will say, yeah right…buddy you have been capped at X w/kg. After the race he gave me a ride on and a message saying “good race”. Ha! He only cheated himself, but ruined a fun event. 

Grab Zwift Mobile Link from the store on your phone and use the “FLAG” button on him to flag him or her next time.  As soon as the person gets a few votes AND Zwift thinks something might be fishy, he’ll be zapped.

I guess people can cheat by saying they weigh 120 lbs when they are 220?