Yo yo categorisation [April 23, 2024]

Is anybody else suffering from Yo yo Categorisation?
I’m not strong enough to be competitive in Cat B and I’m classed as being to strong for Cat C.
That said, I really don’t win much, if anything and always get outsprinted in Cat C. But, at least I’m competitive.
In Cat B I’m always an also ran, I ain’t going to get to 4W/kg, ever! I’m 58, time isn’t on my side and I haven’t got the time!

C’mon Zwift, create breakdown classifications or change the way we’re categorised somehow.

I don’t have a solution but now I’m back in the B’s, I know my racing won’t be as enjoyable or as competitive.

Hi @S_tormy, welcome to Forums. It’s Juan from Zwift. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

Pace Group Category Enforcement is based on your power data from activities in Zwift. If your category is constantly changes, perhaps you are floating around on the edge of both categories. This makes your category being susceptible to easily change.

I’d like to share with you best practices for keeping your category accurate.

→The more activities you do with regular maximum effort, the more accurate the values will be.
→Do not forget to keep your trainer firmware updated and calibrated to get accurate power readings
→Set correctly your height and weight, please avoid constant changes.

I hope you don’t mind take a look at this article to learn more about it.

If you would like to address your query in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with personalized assistance.

Yup, being bottom of a wide category sucks. Hopefully ‘race score’ helps a bit, but as long as Zwift primarily uses the exact same broad A/B/C/D categories there will still be a block of folks stuck at the bottom of one and a large block of folks trying to stay at the top of their current cat without pushing over.

I think you’re missing my point.
I understand how it’s calculated and why I keep bouncing or yo-yoing from one Cat to another.

My point is this, there must be a better solution than a massive broad spectrum of 3.2Wkg to 4Wkg.
I’m currently 3.6Wkg, will I reach 4 or more, probably not at 58 and with limited time, time is definitely NOT on my side.

Flamrougge racing uses a narrower categorisation that appears to work for the most part.
There could be a system where the points we reduce could add more value. At present I don’t see what value they add?

I genuinely don’t know what the answer is. If I was in a team I could accept I’m perhaps a domestique and I’ll never win but I can help others. However, Zwift isn’t set up like that. Well, not as far as I’m aware anyway.

Perhaps there could be a true Masters Categorisation 50+/60+ etc where this is of value?
Or the fact that in any race, I’m racing people ¼ of my age, yet I don’t get any type of handicap or benefit for that?

It’s deep I know but at present it’s one size fits all.
I like to race and I like to be competitive, as probably do a lot of others but I can understand why they don’t.

But, overall I think Zwift is awesome, it meets nearly all of my needs, but this area really annoys me.

Totally agree Aaron. It’s annoying and really needs sorting.
Or does it? :thinking: