Wrong results #Neokyo Nights

Yesterday results from Stage 4 of Neokyo Nights is wrong calculated. Many teams have more than the 5 best times included to the total team standings. Please correct this.

Another update has been processed but wrong results are still included for many teams.

Do you have any idea who is best to contact regard this error in zwiftpower.

After last update the individual results seems ok. But the “Team Standings” still needs an update. Our team has for example 22results. It should be 20. 4weeks x 5best results…

No I don’t.

Do you have any idea how to fix this wrong calculated results for #Neokyo Nights.

The “Team Standings” has included more than 5results/week for several teams.

You can close this thread. No response at all. Not impressive that zwifts monthly series that is one of the largest race series not can produce a correct results to show the correct winners.
This really sucks…

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Community race organizers are usually much more attentive to feedback. More interesting event designs as well. I’ve done a handful of the Zwift monthly series events and I don’t see the appeal.

I thought as this is a forum run by zwift and zwift monthly series is one of zwift most popular raceseries, then it was possible to get attention and solve a fundamental error how they calculated end results.
But I guess that was to much to wish for.

Is there any other channel that is better to use for reporting errors.

Contact support, or perhaps zwiftpower@zwift.com

Thanks, I will give that a try.