Windows 10 Game Mode + Zwift

(Todd Taylor) #1

Microsoft will be introducing a “game mode” for Windows 10 in the not-so-distant future.  I’ll be curious as to whether or not Zwift will perform better in this mode.  Unfortunately, game mode gives more of performance boost to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications, which Zwift is not.

For details on what game mode is and how it works: 

(Greg Hilton ARCC) #2

Also interested if this makes a difference or not. You can get the Game Mode now in Beta from the insider program.

(Ray Ruyack) #3

The future is today.  Updated to latest WIn 10 with game mode.  Now what Zwift?

(Todd Taylor) #4

I ran Zwift for the first time after getting the Windows 10 Creator’s Edition installed.  I did a clean install as the laptop I’m using for Zwift isn’t used for anything else.  I enabled Game Mode for Zwift using the following directions:

To enable Game Mode for your Win32 or UWP game, pull up the Game bar (Windows key + G) and click on the Settings button. There you’ll be able to opt the running game into using Game Mode.

It’s hard to tell if Game Mode made a difference or not.  Quite frankly, I’m not expecting a noticeable difference other than I hope that the game runs more reliably.  I had no technical issues during my 25 mile ride last night.

(Paul Allen) #5


From what I have read Game Mode does not really help at all for any game at the moment.