Will Zwift Ever Support 29" Tire Conversion in Speed Sensor Set-up?

New to Zwift, things are running well except for one small issue, I have 29" tires on my bike, riding on a CycleOps Power Jet. I have TICKR speed and cadence sensors that work great via Ant, but my problem is the Zwift app will only support up to ~27" tires. Could you add larger tire sizes to the speed sensor calibration in the future? It would be great if you could add 29" or 700x56c for those us us using our 29’rs- Thanks! Old Man Llama

Just use the widest 700cc setting it will be close enough for estimated power.

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Thank you! I am new and learning every day. The tire says it is a 29" tire, but I just measured and it is actually 27.5 inches… I appreciate your response!