wich workout???



I orderd a tacx flux en when I have the trainer I will start using Zwift. I already tryed the free trial with the tacx galaxia, but this wasn’t that easy;

now I want to do a good workout because I will be riding the tour of flanders (01/04/2017 - 230km).

does someone can tell me wich workout I have to do to have more strenght and endurance?


thx in advance

This is a hard question. It all depends on what your level of fitness is, how much time do you want to spend each day.


Hi Olivier,

Indeed not easy to answer that without more information on your current fitness and training knowledge. In any case the Tour of Flanders is a long race with many short and steep climbs, as you probably already know. I think the Watopia Climb with the Radio tower is good preparation and also the Zwift Richmond climbs. Turn the trainer difficulty in Zwift to at least 2/3 or higher, so the climbs will feel more realistic (and painful :wink: And try to ride these climbs on high intensity to train your body for the steep cobbled climbs in Flanders.

Make sure your body can handle being in the saddle for a whole day. So you might want to try the Watopia Pretzel route and / or ride Richmond 8-10 times in a row. No need to do the complete 230km in training, but you may want to go for rides of more than 5 hours to practice. And remember to rest properly, not the training will make your body stronger, but the (good) rest in between hard trainings!

You cand find a lot of information on the Internet, from companies like CTS, Training Peaks and many others. 

Good luck with preparations.

Hey, thx for the answer.
My condition is average lets say. But the lats 2 weeks I havent trained because I became father.
But now, once I have the tacx flux I want to start training good.
Can you tell me if the 8wk race workout is good for my preparation.? In combination with what you say about the routes and riding outdoors?
Last year i completed the 130km of the tour of flanders

Hi Olivier,

Congrats with your baby!! As you probably know this can be a busy time, with not always enough rest. So don’t train too hard! 

The 8 weeks program seems fine, you do not need to follow each and every training, but if you put in enough effort and time and enough intervals in the coming 2,5 months, then you’ll do fine in Flanders.