Why Race?

There’s many ways to answer the question of “why should I race.” In running races, some people are just there to finish, some are trying to better their previous time, some may want to try to mix it up with the people at the front of the pack, etc. Same with many cycling gravel or road gran fondo events. One valid answer is that there are a few valid answers. Podium place, jersey, badge etc, not needed.

In general, racing should produce different physiological demands than just working to stay with the pace partners. You should generally be working at a higher effort level in a race. Different physiological demands. That can help with overall fitness as well.

If you want to race informally in a group ride on Zwift, just be aware that some group rides have an explicit goal of the pack staying together, and some are everyone for themselves. For example, in the Tour de Zwift events, it’s perfectly acceptable to treat it as a race (but not mandatory!).

Different things suit different people. I have zero interest in jerseys, badges, drops, etc. I race because it drags performance out of me like nothing else in Zwift or IRL. I guess I do also currently care a bit about rankings, these are in ZwiftPower.

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I love this aspect of Zwift Racing! I am a free spirit, so schedules are tough for me. Do you race in a League? What is the difference of racing in Leagues?

Thank you Ian. This is a great tip!

What do the rankings do in Zwiftpower? Is it basically a leaderboard? Or are there events that have to do with rising up the ranks?

Leaderboard basically yes. Best 5 races over 90 days. More points the better the field and finish position.

There also a separate zPoints ranking made up of Race Rank points + points for fastest segments in races + Power scores

At the moment I a free agent on individual events but recently started riding TTT on a team. The TTT is another way to find motivation working in a team.

BTW I’m riding for FRR in the TTT who are having a quick (flash) 3 day tour as preparation for a 2 week tour in March. The flash tour is a solo event, but the bigger tours are also team oriented although if you’re not in a team they’ll find one for you (which is how I got into TTT racing). If you’re interested check out https://www.flammerougeracing.com/

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All this and I would add

4: I can quit a Zwift race if I don’t feel up to it, without wasting money on entry fees, travel, hotels, etc.

One year, I shelled out a lot of money for the Pyrenean Marmotte, only to have a sleepless night with a fever. I took to the line regardless, because of not wanting to waste the time and money invested, but had to quit halfway up the Tourmalet. Then had cycle all the way back to Argeles-Gazost.

On Zwift (and RGT, etc) I enter. If I can’t make it or feel tired or whatever… no big loss


And on Zwift the weather is always good. :+1:

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Or, rather, we don’t get wet when it rains.

Talking of which, whose bright idea was it to have it rain on Zwift? :roll_eyes:

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Ha…! I kinda like the rain. I wonder if Zwift could figure out a way of making the weather match that in your local area - though admittedly for me here in the UK that would be rain almost every time I ride Zwift (I mean, if it was sunny and warm I’d most likely be outside riding, not in the shed).

Be also pretty clever if the daytime/nightime matched your local time zone too. But I’m happy to let Zwift sort out the category system before they get to that :wink:

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I agree 100%, I like the change in weather and the change from morning to night. this is one thing that Zwift does that no other cycling game does.

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I get a WAAAAAY better workout in Zwift if I race compared to just doing a route. I push hard in workouts too but find it so boring that I have to both force myself into doing one workout even just once every two weeks; I’ll sometimes do 2, even 3 races per night.

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