Which BT dongle works with Click?

I just received my HUB ONE and got it set up.

Initial mega-frustration from having pairing problems with the Click, only to discover that the specs on the website buried “bluetooth only” way down. The HUB literally says: (I just copy pasted this)

Transmits measured data using both Bluetooth and ANT+ FE-C
Accepts control data using either of Bluetooth and ANT+ FE-C
Zwift Hub wirelessly connects to your device via Bluetooth or ANT+

Now, I eventually got it working using the companion app. How is a user supposed to know that “control data” does not mean the specific feature that you are purchasing the product to get and which is literally called “controls” in the software UI?

But here is the thing… for a wide range of reasons I do NOT want to ride with my phone. And the website did not specifically state that users must use the device with the app.

So question:

Which BT dongle can I connect to my PC (windows 10) that will work with Zwift & Click directly?

or do I have to return the whole thing as it does not deliver a viable experience if it can only work as ERG trainer?

Bonus question:
Why on earth did you have to implement the taunting “do you want to pair a HR monitor to the HUB?” feature and then NOT make the HUB capable of bridging the Click? I mean… the Click can only be used with the HUB and only send two commands. I would even accept a longer shifting delay when bridged just to have less gadgets in my setup. Yes, yes, I understand that there is a difference between BT and ANT+ protocols, but the Click is a proprietary device, I am sure that could have been sorted - so consider this a feature request from a long-time Zwift user that was super excited about the innovation the virtual gears is. Close, but no cigar guys.
Or even better… you could have made it cabled so it plugs directly into the HUB, then I would not need to worry about a battery going flat when the garage gets cold. Not like it needs to move away from the HUB.

In summary virtually any modern BT dongle will work. Don’t need to buy an expensive branded one.

@Thomas_Mort I would also suggest getting one with a USB extension cable so it can by right under your bike/trainer.


I also found another thread on the forum, but cannot post links.
“Windows 10, Bluetooth dongle failed pairings with workaround” topic# 514632 if anyone wants to google it that suggested a specific one. I ended up ordering a BT 5.0 as I would then be able to use it for other things down the road.

Will post update when it arrives and get tested.

I already have an extension cable :slight_smile:
Really helped ANT+ stability. Annoying to have cables running around, but worth the trouble for the connection stability it gives. For how simple it is, it really needs to be standard recommendation. Dongles stuck in a motherboard is really not that good for wireless performance.

Bought an ASUS USB-BT500.

Plug&play on Windows 10.