When will I see the "Almost" Cat?

I’ve seen B’s with lower stats and even my stats last year were less than what they are now yet my minimum category is still B. At what point do you start to see the “Almost A” or am I just one more 4.0 effort away from upgrading? Not that I’m excited to lose races from now on, but it would be an achievement for me. Thanks.

You see “almost” on ZP when you have one or more performances over the threshold of 4.0 at 95% of your 20min power (and also at last 250W).

This is for mixed cat only, there is no equivalent for women. If you click the info button beside your cat you can see your current top three performances however.

Looking forward to you joining me in the underworld :slight_smile:


Doh! :sweat_smile:




That’s actually really impressive that you’ve managed to get to 3.99 without an “almost”!

That’s not the average of 3, but I agree. I have had the “almost” before, but had pushed the 95% at 4.0 threshold on that one, last season.

Thanks again for replying.


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Still nope… :rofl:



Again, not that I am looking forward to getting crapped on, in the A’s…

Are you A in the category enforcement races, out of interest?

Racing with the B’s will probably not get you to A while the Top B’s are managing power not to go to A. If your aim is to get to A then it may be a good idea to start racing with them.

Yes I am.

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I do, and that’s the plan moving forward. Just finished up an 8 week series in B though.

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