What Graphics cards are you using

I’ve owned and used both the r7 250x & r7360. They are both the minimum i would use. I used them with the fx6300 processor and i5 6600k. With the 250x i got same frame rate both processors. With the 360 i got 7-10 less frame rate with the fx6300. So processor bottleneck starts happening right around those cards. Wroth the 380x i got huge frame rate differences between those proccessors. Now i use the rx480 and is amazing…
Point is, if you have no plan on upgrading proccessor then the r360. But if you plan on upgrading that later. Get a good card like the rx480, it’s, it’s cheap and twice the card my r9 380x was at a cheaper cost.

Hi All, will the Radeon RX-460 graphics card be able to run Zwift at 4K, if not what is the lowest / best budget priced graphics card that will be able to run Zwift at 4k.

Thank You


I don’t think it will run 4k over 30fps. But it will run 1080hi at 60 fps I bet. If your monitor or TV has up-scaling there is not a big difference between the two. But there is a huge difference between 30fps and 60fps especially when going over cobbles or dirt. Once you are in the 1080/High level,FPS is more important for the experience. The RX480 is pretty good and every time they release new drivers my frame-rate goes up. If you want ultra setting I think stepping up to the RX470($170) will get you 60fps but at that cost you can find GTX1060’s or Rx480 for $200 w/ 120fps in ultra settings if you are running a i5-4690k or better processor. So if you ponied up for a 4kTV or Monitor that can push 120hz at 4k it’s a complete waist to not pony up for a GC that can do the same. If your TV or Monitor can only get 60hz in game mode then the RX470 is all you need. Black Friday is coming and Newegg will have something. I’d wait a couple weeks and get something better.

Thank you for you response. I will be buying a 48-55inch 4k 120Hz screen in the next few weeks.  I am UK based so newegg will not work for me, we do have ebuyer which i will check out closer to Black Friday.  I think the RX480 or GTX1060 sounds good.

Will either of these do the trick?





I dont have highend CPU - was hoping I would not need to change that if the graphics card is high spec - you mention if I want to run ultra mode then I should have something similar to i5-4690k.

Thanks for you time.

Using Zwift on my laptop. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo i7-4510u processor, 8GB Ram and an Nvidia Geforce 840M dedicated graphics card (2GB ram i think).

Zwift chooses the “basic” profile for this, but after updating the drivers and tweaking the basic profile I’m able to run it in 1920x1080, shadow res 2014x2048 with all other config options (from different profiles) enabled and foliage percentage increased to 0.9 … and it’s running at 25-45fps (average about 30-32). Watopia looks pretty damn good to me … waiting to try the tweaked settings in London when the thunderstorm rolls through.

The butterflies and birds are a nice touch.

hi all. Noob queston here. I found an previous generation

alienware ASM100-1580

alpha i3 4130T / 4gb memory / 500gb HHD / geforce gtx 2gb card.

Seller is asking $250.

Question is: Would it be worth is to buy and upgrade ro 250gb SSD and put in 8gb RAM as a dedicated zwift only machine? I don’t need 4k level graphics, Just something better than a 4 yr old macbook pro i3


@Brian, I would recommend just trying it without upgrading the ram/hdd.  I see no reason for an SSD on a zwift only machine and the extra 4GB of ram really won’t do much for you.

My desk top:

AMD FX8320 8 Core

3.20 GHZ

Windows 10 Pro

8GB Memory

500 GB Hard Drive

64 Bit

ATI Radeon 3000 Graphix card

Zwift struggles badly.  I know little about computers.  My issue must be the graphics card Right???

@Jay – the ATI Radeon 3000 might be your limiter. 

You can get an idea of where your system stacks up by uploading your log file to https://zwiftalizer.com/ . Your log file is at My Documents\Zwift\Logs\Log.txt . After you’ve loaded your own computer specs you can see what’s different from your computer and computers that produce higher frame rates and/or higher resolution.