Watts not showing on Apple TV [May 2024]

When doing a free ride where the watts are shown in the upper left blue box it has not shown since the latest update. The Watts are being recorded as I can see the power bellow and w/kg, just not in the blue box. This is in Apple TV.

Hi @Eric_Johnson_Extra_L welcome to the forums! If you have the chance, I recommend force-closing Zwift on your Apple TV before your next activity to see if refreshing your device’s memory improves things. Our Support team will be able to troubleshoot further if this issue keeps occurring.

Rode yesterday and the power on the HUD remained at 0 watts throughout. Zwift functioned as normal apart from this and my w/kg was reported on the rhs rider list. Also the power/w per kg were reporting on the Companion App. Jumping to the pairing screen also showed trainer power correctly.
Apple TV
V 1.64
Kicker V4 trainer
Tickr HRM
Play Controllers
All paired to CA via BLT

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I’ve had this exact same problem - same setup with Apple TV and KICKR v5. Power showing on app, wahoo head unit and w/kg averages but not on HUD. Power shows correctly on post ride graphs

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Hi @MarkSmithWLC and @Ollie_Loach_Evo_HAB, thanks for the reports! I’m Norman from Zwift.

This looks interesting. So I understand both of you were using a KICKR trainer, Apple TV, and the Zwift Companion App to pair, correct?

Just to confirm, this didn’t affect the gameplay in any way, power was being generated as normal but the HUD was showing 0 Watts, right?

Yes it had no effect on the ride nor the power profile post race.
I’ve been advised to delete the Zwift app and reinstall and this has fixed the issues.

I didn’t get a screenshot but will see if the same thing happens again tomorrow and post it here. I’ve unplugged everything today to see if a reset fixes it

This is the answer I got from Zwift HQ:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. This issue is often caused by a corrupted installation of the Zwift app. Please try reinstalling the Zwift software. None of your progress or data will be lost as a result of this process. As you’re using an Apple TV, please reboot the device between uninstalling and reinstalling Zwift.

Hello all,

I’ve seen a handful of these reports now, so I’ve flagged this up for more investigation at HQ. I did notice that, in all three reports here, the Zwift sessions that include the affected activities are super long- as in, Zwift was launched on one day and stayed open for several days, with several activities being recorded during that session. I want to recommend force-closing Zwift after you complete your activity in order to refresh your device’s memory and hopefully avoid this issue recurring.

I will leave this unsolved for now. Please feel free to post in this thread if you notice any changes!

I switched everything off overnight and restarted this morning - no problems and back to normal so maybe it is zwift running in the background on Apple TV?

I had exactly the same symptoms on my AppleTV with a Wahoo Kickr Bike. Everything was normal except the HUD where it showed 0W. The power showed on the rider list (W/kg), the power profile at the bottom of the screen, the averages at the end of the ride, and the power on the iPhone Companion app.

I connect the Kickr Bike directly to the AppleTV, not through the phone.

I did a soft Restart from the AppleTV setup menus to reboot the whole AppleTV, and that fixed the problem. The wattage shows up and everything is normal.

I had the exact same issue on Apple TV with zwift hub. Resolved by deleting and reinstalling the app .