Watts and randonly slowing down


On my last two rides, I noticed that my watts would suddenly drop out and also suddenly increase even though I am maintaining the pedal cadence and watts. For example, when climbing the larger hill my watts will be holding steady at 325-350 and then suddenly drop to 75-90 then suddenly increase to 700 watts. While this is happening I keep getting a warning message but it goes away so quickly I am unable to capture a screen shot.


ANT+ signal drop out? How close do you have the ANT+ stick to your power source? Perhaps a USB extension cable to get it closer? That helped me.

I would agree, this sounds like an ANT+ connectivity issue.

That seems to have been the issue. Odd since I’ve had the Ant/computer in the same place each ride and it just started doing this but after moving the computer closer I haven’t had any issues.

Thanks for your help!