Warning - bad race organization: BRT Masters training Race: almost all riders sign up in wrong category

Just a little warning: I had a bad experience today in the “Bolt Race team presents BRT Masters Training Race”.

The idea of this ride is to have people race in category along their age group: all male below 50 are cat A (that sounds like a large group), all 50-60 cat B etc. But nobody reads the description before the race so you end up racing with a peloton full of riders in cats C and B (supposedly grandpa’s). This is annoying because age groups start at different times and as a result, I as one of the only 4 A riders had to do 45 km on my own. If I want to do a 45 km individual time trial, I’ll sign up for one, thank you.

Race organizers should make this clearer: people don’t read the small letters and if everyone signs up wrong it’s probably not only their mistake. This way it is just no fun.

The problem is Zwift has no way of differentiating the individual pens other A, B, C, and D. The Specialized-Roval Climbing event had four different routes but if you were an Category A rider and opted to the C route, you would get an UPG on your Zwiftpower account along with no ride credit. Same thing when they create separate pens to reduce the number of riders in each group for an event. This happened last year during one of the Zwift Big Ass events when they were getting four thousand riders signing up. The app doesn’t support these huge numbers of entrants so they penned them to reduce the load. Yes, it was a cluster.

This is probably why they’ve had so much trouble establishing race entry category enforcement. Or something like that…