Wahoo Kickr Rollr

Hi there. Just got the Wahoo Kickr Rollr. It pairs, shows up on Zwift… all the normal stuff. From there, get into a ride… get nothing. No speed. No nothing. Any insight would be helpful.

I don’t know much about the rollr but I don’t think it measures power… “Ride with power by pairing Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO pedals or most other ANT+ power meters. POWRLINK ZERO’s offer precise power of +/-1%, letting you train with the confidence of knowing every watt counts.”


Just saw DC Rainmaker’s review on YouTube. He confirms that you have to have a separate power meter on the bike for this to work with Zwift or other platforms.
USD799 RRP? Works out as an expensive overall solution if you don’t have a PM already.

Wahoo are promoting their new PM pedals, as Oliver points out, which makes business sense.