Vertical text alignment on buttons

Since this has irritated me for ages, I need to get it off my chest.


Please can you fix the vertical alignment of text on buttons? It’s not centred, and it makes my palms itch every time I use Zwift. :joy:

Since the text is all capital letters, I don’t think there’s any requirement to offset the baseline to accommodate descenders. (I don’t think the Zwift font has any capitals with descenders.)

I appreciate it will almost certainly not get addressed, but at least I’ll know I brought it up. :ride_on:

I stand corrected* on the capital descenders.

The Q changed from

Still, they are so infrequent that I’d rather see the occasional descender too close to the bottom than every letter too close to the top. :joy:

Same thing here, but at least the “p” of “kph” and the commas in the drops count kinda make it a bit more reasonable.


* said the man in the orthopaedic shoes

In a company hackathon (not Zwift) a few years back some developers adjusted CSS behind a feature flip that applied only to the CEO’s account, which misaligned all of the menu options just for him. Gold.