Use event UI for route badges

There’s a lot of confusion sometimes when it comes to badges. “I rode at least as far as the badge needs, but didn’t get it”. Most of the time, this comes down to lead-ins not being included in the badge distance.

Take Volcano Circuit CCW for example:


It’s only “4.1km”. But all that part in blue is lead-in, not included in the total distance required.

But as far as I know, badges are only awarded when a route is selected from the Routes list before riding, so the lead-in is always required.

In fact, I got this badge after riding 7.6km.


(I must admit, to me the lead-in looks longer than the actual route, but I guess it’s only 3.5km)

So, I was thinking… Could the UI make it clearer what the total distance is for a badge, regardless of the official route distance?


That’s a bit clunky, but illustrates the point.

Even better perhaps would be to use the existing event UI when someone has selected a route that they don’t have the badge for.



All of this is already coded, I expect. It shows the total distance required, and when someone’s still on the “lead in” part. Then it shows when they’re on the actual route, along with the name of the selected route.

(The numbers are clearly bogus, but I’m sure you get the idea)

Seems like it could stop a lot of the confusion.