Uphill Climb, a documentary about the 1980's Tour de France Féminin

Did you know the first American to win the Tour is Marianne Martin in 1984, two years ahead of Greg Lemond?

I got hooked on road cycling in the `80’s: the era of Inga Thompson, Patty Peoples of Team USA, Kelly-Ann Way and Marilyn Wells of Team Canada, Italian champion Maria Canins, legendary Frenchwoman Jeannie Longo and other pioneering women who raced the Tour de France Féminin.

Uphill Climb documents the story of these pioneering women and the struggles they faced. They raced the same courses and legendary mountain passes as the men’s peloton, but their stories were barely covered on TV, or told in print media. This documentary gives voice to those women.

See the latest trailer on Vimeo:

See the Uphill Climb website for more information: uphillclimbfilm.com