Unable to open ZWIFT on Apple TV after update

After updating ZWIFT on my Applt TV around May 2021 I haven’t been able to open the App, I do screen mirror from my phone but this isn’t ideal for me. I’ve deleted the App and reinstalled it, Ive reset my apple TV, all with the same outcome, I click on the App and it looks like its about to open and then just goes back to the App screen. Any help would be appreciated.

Try this:

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I have same issue. Have you any response yet

Have you tried turning off Atmos on the TV? Because this is a known issue that crashes Zwift.

Hi Dave
Thankyou sooooooo much Hallelujah, it fixed it. It was driving me crazy

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Hi Steve
Thanks sooooo much
Problem fixed.

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Hi Paul
I turned OFF Atmos sound on my apple TV in settings and it has fixed the problem.

Hey Conrad, Yeah i turned ATMOS off and like magic it now works, thankfully i didn’t need to do anything else.

Crazy Eh!

See AppleTV problems with new update [1.13.0] [May 21 2021] - #88