Unable to log in to account - says purchase error



I’m trying to log-in - it asked with for Apple id which I duly did - said purchase or restore purchase (I haven’t cancelled) so clicked on restore - says contacting Zwift, then get failure message… Any ideas?


Lorna Clark (UK)

Hi Lorna,

Where was it asking for the AppleID? It shouldn’t ask for that when trying to log into Zwift if you’ve already purchased a membership.

Can you close Zwift completely, start it up, and just log in w/o trying to Restore Purchases? I don’t think you need to click on that unless there is an actual problem with the account.


I have a similar issue Zwift says I’m using a free trial then whe I click restore purchase it says network error. Retry now and it keeps coming back that way.

Hi Greg,

Can you try logging in a computer at all? The account looks good on our end. When did this start happening?

If you just started your membership today, ride through your 25km and it should automatically continue.

I am trying to restore my membership and take advantage of the 9.99 grandfather price.  Following the instructions found online, it is asking for a promo code which I don’t see?  

I have logged into Zwift today and it thinks I’m on a free trial. Tried to restore purchase in case for some reason membership has lapsed but I keep getting a network error message. is there a problem with my account. I was under the impression I had been paying my monthly subscription still even though had a bit of a break from using Zwift?


Same here. Just had a stressed fracture when running and wanna some cross training, but got the network error msg on my iPad all the time.