Ukraine Blue and Yellow Kit

Let’s try one more time to get a Ukraine kit. It should be fairly simple. If you are looking for support for this change, just look at how many people have changed their country flags to Ukraine. There is lots of support for this feature.

Thanks, Bob. You got my vote.

Bob you’ll go a long way toward countering Zwift’s passivity. I’ve been trying to push the IG and FB community to push Zwift, but they don’t care. They gave 25K and bye… they won’t do jerseys - that wouldn’t sit well with her income from Russia and Belarus. Pennies smell better than humanity and solidarity.

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There is a lot of passionate people on Zwift. We climb for 2 hours to get a pair of socks for our Avatar. Maybe a sponsor should step-up, organize a ride which opens up a Ukrainian Jersey. I’m not sure how this is done but if anybody has some ideas, let’s hear from you.

Let’s keep it to this thread: Suggetion: yellow-blue ukranian jerseys for all zwift riders

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