UCI ESports Road World Championships 2022 FAQ

What is the 2022 UCI Cycling ESports World Championships?
The pinnacle of cycling esports returns to Zwift, with the UCI rainbow stripes awarded to the world’s best male and female esports cyclist.

This year sees a full line up of riders from across the globe take to the startline in Zwift’s New York to tackle the Knickerbocker circuit.

How do I register for the community events?
Head over to Zwift’s community event page or sign up in the Zwift Companion app.

Where do I find information about community events?
Visit the complete FAQ on the Zwift Support Hub

Where to watch the Championship races:
3 hours of live coverage will start from 18:00 UTC on Feb 26th.
The Women Elite race starts at 18.15 UTC.
The Men Elite race starts at 19.45 UTC.
Use this site to convert to your local time zone.

Racing will be broadcast live on the following channels:

Sarah Gigante (Australia) - Runner-up in 2020, Gigante is a consistent Zwift racer and one of the best climbers out there. Gigante rides professionally on the road with Movistar Team and has an explosive kick that many of her competitors will fear.

Illi Gardner (Great Britain) - One of the most important riders in the Great Britain team, Illi has a huge amount of Zwift racing experience and excels when the climbing starts.

Zoe Langham (Great Britain) - Zoe qualified for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships in the European Qualifying event. She has impressed this year in the Zwift Racing League Premier Divison.

Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio (South Africa) - The defending UCI World Champion. Ashleigh is one of the best climbers in the world, both on the road and in Zwift. She will want to retain those rainbow stripes!

Jacquie Godbe (USA) - One of the strongest esports specialists in the field, Jacquie is rarely beaten in an uphill race.

Freddy Ovett (Australia) - Freddy shot to Zwift prominence during the Virtual Tour de France in 2020 and has consistently placed high in all the Zwift races he’s participated in since. One of the best sprinters in esports racing, but is also able to get over some of the harder climbs.

Chris McGlinchey (Ireland) - Chris is incredibly experienced as an esports competitor and one of the strongest climbers in the field. The NYC KOM Climb will suit him well.

James Barnes (South Africa) - James is the man in form in 2022. He has been instrumental in helping his team, NeXT Esport, make it to the top of the Zwift Racing League Premier Division.

Takato Ikeda (Japan) - A pure climber and always aggressive. Takato will be riding with a strong Japanese team and will be looking to take advantage of the NYC KOM climb.

Matthias Deroose (Belgium) - Matthias is another strong climber, one of the top-ranked riders on ZwiftPower. He has been a consistent points scorer for his team, BZR, in the Zwift Racing League Premier Division and has a lot of cycling esports experience.

Illi gardner is local to me, some of her climbing times around here are phenomenal

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No flat portion …
It’s great map to define our World Champion ! (good choice :+1:)

Watching this right now on YouTube!

Ngl: I might have missed it but opened the Companion App and it saw a big blue banner on the Home screen. Glad that promo was slotted in and great to see elite athletes competing in Zwift.

The women’s peloton is using the power-ups selectively, and I’m seeing them SuperTuck on the post KOM descent - really shows they’ve gotten to know the game and take strategy seriously.

EDIT - So…many…ride-ons!

EDIT 2 - Holy cow. You go Katheryn Curi.

EDIT 3 - I really want to see details of Ashleigh Moolman Pasio’s paincave - looks like all kinds of interactive lighting around her.

EDIT 4 - Whoa… what a finish!

During the men’s race, the announcers were commenting on how one of the riders was wearing the newsboy cap, and they mentioned that the in-game equipment had been neutralized - everyone’s gear would have the same aero characteristics. Were they just referring to headgear (which, according to Zwift Insider, doesn’t make any discernible difference anyway), or did that apply to frames and wheels too?


All the bike physics was neutralised. It’s presumably the same reason why they all got the same power ups - they wanted it to be a fair competition.

Was a bit disappointed not to see any buffalo bikes :slight_smile:


I think the UCI fashion police would have intervened if they had seen any Buffalo Bikes. Strictly speaking no rules against them unlike Trons and TT bikes as far as I can remember, but if they can mandate virtual socks…

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should have had a ghost in there… always a great powerup for a race