TTT event étiquette

I joined a TTT last week, as it was the only event available in my time slot and needed a workout. I noticed a few things about the responses of some of the team riders towards other solo riders (not me) being quite abusive if their team caught someone and then didn’t drop them.

I know the rule is, if you’re caught, to drop back, but I didn’t think being abusive was called for, as it doesn’t impede the team in any way.

Secondly, in the D Cat (where I reside) there were a lot of teams in this category pushing out 3.5-4.5 w/kg, surely they should let us D’s get on with our ride/s and compete in their own playing field?

The TTT is organised differently to a normal race. As solo riders can still enter the event the CAT’s are inverted for the teams.

Let me explain.

An ‘A’ team would catch an A solo at some point in the race and it is likely that the A solo would be able to hang with the team. So ‘A’ teams are placed in the D pen. When the A team catch a D rider they should blast through with ease and thus the solo rider not disturb the team flow.

Likewise D teams are placed in the A pen to allow A solo riders to rip out high watts and the D team is never likely to catch them.

There is obviously a closer differential with B teams in the C pen and vice versa.

Referring to your point regarding a solo holding on to the team. It is VERY disruptive. Many of the teams are communicating on voice channels and will know exactly how much pushing and easing they need to do in order to be an efficient team. If a random rider pops themselves in the middle of the team then it can cause havoc. There are some TTT leagues out there with real world prizes so it is a very competitive format.

TTT competition organisers have to juggle the CAT’s in this manner at the moment as there is no way to have exclusive team events or segregate solo/ teams in the pens.

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Hi Martyn,

That’s a brilliant answer that explains everything to me, I understand now why the teams were getting ansi with some of the solo riders, who probably should not have been in the D cat and able to sit on the wheels of a team doing 4.5 w/kg avg.


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