Je me suis inscris en catégorie D pour un training de niveau 1.0-1.3W/KG… Et dès le départ, je me suis aperçu que pratiquement tous les participants étaient de niveau supérieur avec des 1.8 à 3.5W/KG ??? Pourquoi ??? Je me suis retrouvé seul pendant toute la course… Est-ce normal ?

Unfortunately plenty of people ignore the w/kg specified for a ride. Some ride leaders are better than others are sticking to the specified pace (ignoring those who ride off into the distance).

Which ride did you do? Others here should be able to comment on that ride and perhaps suggest ones that are well managed.

I can recommend any ZSUN group ride (obviously I’m a bit biased). The sweepers also do a brilliant job helping struggling riders get back on.

Funny how Zwift cannot be bothered supporting the chromebook but Rouvy does. And for cheaper. I’ve had nothing but issues with Zwift. Last time I ran it on my phone, it drained 40% battery in 1 hr with minimum screen brightness and using chromecast. That’s just awful. I get 6 hours of high quality gaming on my phone usually.

Also Zwift is the only app that doesn’t work well on my desktop, it keep disconnecting. Neven had issues with any other training app. Finally, Zwift graphics are awful, no reason it doesn’t run on even the most basic hardware. We’re talking 20yo graphics here…

And that has what to do with this thread? Maybe you should look for some of the other threads more relevant to your issues and see if you can find some solutions there. If not, perhaps start a new thread about it and see if others are experiencing the same.