Triban RC100 with Zwift Hub - is it possible?


First of all, I am amateur cycling enthusiast and I don’t have much knowledge about mechanic specs regarding the bikes and additional equipment. I just want to buy the Zwift Hub setup to help me out with home training. The question is - Could you tell me please if I can pair my bike Triban RC100 including 7-speed 12-28 cassette with Zwift Hub? Or I can buy Zwift Hub with 8-speed cassette and use it without one gear (I read that distance between the cogs is the same for 7 and 8-speed cassette). I would be really grateful for your assistance.

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You can install a 7 speed Hyperglide cassette with an extra spacer under it. The exact size of the extra spacer depends on the dimensions of the cassette - they are not all identical.

7 and 8 speed spacing are not the same

You should probably order the Hub with a cassette because it’s no cheaper without one.

You’ll need a Shimano lockring tool to install a cassette. To remove a cassette you’ll need the lockring tool and a chain whip. A bike shop can sort all this out for you if you take the bike and trainer to the shop.

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A word of caution…
7 speed usually comes with spacing between the frame dropouts of 126mm; and 8 speed 130mm.
The Zwift Hub accommodates a minimum of 130mm.
Your Triban RC100 is aluminium. A steel frame would be sufficiently flexible to be stretched from 126 to 130mm but aluminium won’t like it. Best measure the distance between the rear dropouts. If it’s 130 the Zwift Hub will fit.
Regarding the 7/8 speed conundrum, both speeds use the same width chain. Despite what Paul says I suspect you may get away with using an 8 speed cassette with a 7 speed mech., with adjustment to the mech. limit screws. If not, then a 7 speed cassette with a 4mm spacer - readily available on Ebay.


Most of the modern 7 speed bikes do not have 126mm spacing but it’s worth checking.

The difference between Shimano 7 and 8 speed spacing is .2mm per cog. It’s close enough when cogs are adjacent but across the entire cassette it’s harder to get a good result on both ends. It’s OK if you only care about a few cogs and center your adjustment in the middle of those.

Hey, thanks for your helpful hand in this specific case and truly apologizes for the late response. I just checked everything properly and the width regarding back triangle is exactly 130 mm, but after reading some reviews and some independent experts I decided to buy Wahoo Kick Core instead of Zwift Hub. I also bought 7-speed cassette hyperglide and new bike chain with 108 cells. I tried some options regarding the spacers to use all 7 gears and actually 4,3 mm is the solution = 1,8 (available with the trainer originally) + 1,5 + 1,0. Right now everything works perfect with my Triban RC100. If anyone has a similar doubt just use mine advice for your reference. Best wishes!

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Hey Michal
I also have a Kickr Core. Used it almost daily for 2 years now and have been very pleased with it.

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hello, I know this is an old post but I am interested since I currently have a triban rc 100 and I am interested in the zwift hub one (no cassette). When you were measuring the dropout (you said it was 130), was it becasue you were thinking about the zwift hub classic with cassette right?

130mm is the minimum width for any direct drive trainer. Some older 7 speed bikes are 126mm (eg, road bikes of the 1980s).

No I know, but the Zwift Hub One is given for 8-12 speeds with a minimum of 130. My cheap decathlon RC 100 has 7 speed but, according to the user Michal, it seems to be ok, I just wanted to confirm before I purchase the trainer.

Yes it’s possible to install a 7 speed Hyperglide cassette on the Hub using an extra spacer underneath it. This is generally true for any trainer with a Hyperglide freehub.

Yes but I want the Hub One with the single cog.

It’ll be fine. You’ll just shift the derailleur as close as you can to align with the cog and then adjust the derailleur cable tension to make it perfect. You want the chain to go in a perfectly straight line from the cog to the upper pulley of the derailleur.

I have been using the Triban RC100 with the Zwift Hub One for a few days and it appears to be a good fit. You have the comfort geometry and solid frame of the inexpensive RC100 and the advantages of virtual shifting of the Hub One.

It is possible one may want to be able to use physical shifting with non-Zwift services, in which case the COG can be removed and a cassette can be added to the Hub One.

Good! No problem with the 130 width then? Were you able to install it out of the box without any sort of adapter?

The drop outs are 130 mm. The COG version has no need for any adapter.

I want exactly do the same think. But my situation Is différent:

I have a Swift hub, but I no longer want to put the bike on it and take it off when I go out on the road.

Would you know which cheap bike I can put on the Zwift Hub? It will stay on the Zwift Hub permanently i’m not sure if the compatibility about this bike RC100?

I am more than sure that triban RC100 will match zwift hub perfectly like in wahoo kick core case. You just need the 7-speed cassette and buy some spacers (in my case there are 3 spacers - 1.8 mm + 1.5mm + 1 mm = 4,3 mm overall and it works really well), then evaluate which configuration will do the job to maintain all gears. My RC100 is used only for Zwift, MyWhoosh activities - I am not unplugging it anymore.

Actually, I just buy the Zwift Gog AND Click for my zwift Hub.

I also have the opportunity to buy the RC100 at 230eur. According to your answer, This bike will be perfect?

It’s good choice, but please bear in mind that every single hill including 100% training difficulty ingame will be a true challenge, due to 44 front and only 7-gears rear - the positive thing is that your training will be exhausting and powerful for your body if you rest, sleep and eat well (:

But with the zwift cog and click, the gears Of Bike is not anymore a problem? We can choose any Bike?