Training on Zwift

Hi all,

I have just purchased a connected home trainer (ELITE DIRETO XR), and I am disappointed. Really…

I subscribe to Zwift, and in training mode, it’s horrible! I am supposed to put myself at 250W for 5min for example, and it keeps changing the resistance (regardless of the relief in addition !!), and so I go from 240W to 280W to 200W, in short, it’s horrible! Yet my pace varies “little” (90 + -3 rpm at most)

Before I had a Tacx Satori, and Assioma Duos. I chose the notch that was going well and it was super regular it didn’t budge! Even for fractional it was better I think!

Are you in the same situation? Or am I missing something? Because here I am close to reselling it …

Thank you in advance !


How do you pair the trainer?

Have you done a FTP test to get a new ftp for the new trainer?

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