Training modes need a lot of work

Kinetic RockNRoll 2.0

London loop

HalvRems (or something like that)

The cadence is 100% road wheel rotation speed, and doesn’t pull from the device at all.  you can be at 240 watts and 80 rps, and it says spin up, then you hit a downhill and you go to 110 rpms and it says spin down, hit a 10% grade and it goes to 30 rpms and it says spin up.

Remove the cadence from the training routines if it isn’t going to pull the rotational speed of the Kinetic RockNroll.

I don’t understand your statement “cadence is 100% road wheel rotation speed” 

Cadence is the speed at which your pedals is going around not your wheel.

That is not true, i just gave you the data from my ride.  maybe the red pedal looking icon is not cadence, but if it is it is 100% road grade determined and speed as reported in MPH.

I would not change my pedal rate and it would vary from 30 to 110 depending on the slope of the course

So smart trainers only estimate your cadence, it’s not going to be as accurate as an external cadence sensor. And yes, cadence is the speed at which your pedals are rotating, which is why smart trainers aren’t as accurate. If you’re experiencing very abnormal speeds or wattage, we’d love to help you out via support ticket