Time-cheating in ZRacing-league #Neokyo Nights - 419watt-bot

No, it’ll probably just lead to pointing at people who create an account just to immediately post in a thread like this :clown_face:

Maybe it’s just me but I’d like to be the proverbial fly on the wall inside the “brains” of people who do this…

I just don’t get it… Why?

Insecurity. They think that ‘playing’ people shows that they are smart or creative–actually smarter or more creative than the rest of us. Same reason they want to prove how impressive they are by being a ‘rebel’ and breaking rules. What they really want is you walking away from the interaction thinking “Ah, I hate that guy, but he’s so smart and he got me again and I can’t figure out how to stop him!” If they get that reaction from you, they take it as evidence of their worth.

No one I’ve met who had actual confidence in themselves tried so hard to prove themselves to others as trolls do.


Just my observation


That’ll be William NG on zwift, currently banned from using that account and William Chau on Facebook, he set up his own cheats and hacks Facebook page

He’s a well known sandbagger/troll

He’s changed his You Tube page to Steve Snary and has created so many Steve Snary accounts probably so he’s ahead to the ones being reviewed. Impersonating someone who has a genuine account and is racing is revolting behaviour and he obviously has too much time on his hands.

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I looked at his Youtube channel.
I don’t like this guy!

Unfortunately, I’m sure that reaction is candy for the Troll.

Just race your previous efforts and the people around you.

Is it possible for those Bots to be identified and removed during the ride?
If a real rider is accidentally removed due to no variation in cadence/power, they can appeal.
I hope Zwift gets in front of this.

This sort of dude (there are so few female trolls) is just the kid in 5th grade who shoves some other kid, and then mouths off to the teacher, but at the same time he’s looking back at the class to see if they’re seeing how cool he’s being.

When it’s a kid, I feel sorry for them, because that kid’s probably getting bullied by his parents, ignored at home, etc. When it’s an adult, I just find them to be funny. Funny in a laugh-at sense, not laugh-with. Some guy who’s acting all tough and uncaring on Zwift, but has a YouTube channel about it so he can eagerly watch the likes pour in? That’s ****ing funny. It’s just the 10 year old still desperately hoping for the world to like him, but making himself less likeable every moment.

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Zwift can easily ban accounts, all they need to do is ban machine id, along with display device key for now as a deterrent. The cheater would have to replace components in their computer, or have to buy/find a new device(s) to play.

I wish it would be easier to ban these folk, they get on ADZ a lot too but no matter how many times you report them they come back again.

It’s a nuclear arms race between them and us.

One thing could be to not participate in events where those cheaters are in. Or deliberately go slow so they don’t get any satisfaction.

LOL. Gosh, another brand new forum user, making their very first post in this thread. :laughing:


Unfortunately that doesn’t work for component id when logging into a Zwift server. Its not a wi-fi id, I am referring to

Ban people with free accounts from entering races.

If you want to cheat you have to pay up.


No not mac address. anyway such things are best discussing directly with zwift than in a open forum like this

Yup, my discussion ends here, if Zwift wants to do anything about cheaters, it is really easy, they just have to implement it.

Nope,… far from it

Stop feeding the cheating troll, it’s obvious who Ten_Ten is…

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Whuh WHA!? No way. Wow, that guy really is a super genius. Respect, truly.


If Zwift is happy to lock certain roads behind achieving levels then locking races to paying customers only isn’t going to be a problem.


Bit of a hammer to fix a nut(job).

Zwift should have plenty of tools available to stop a single user causing mischief.

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