Time-cheating in ZRacing-league #Neokyo Nights - 419watt-bot

There was a bot in the race with steady 419 watts 150kg (category D).
We had a 24km lead-out…
The name of the bot was “T.Hold my draft”. The race was 2 minutes faster than any other races.
2 riders in the race are overall place 1 and place 2 in the whole league (cat D) #Neokyo Nights.

The bot isn’t in the zwiftpower-results.

Short video of it on youtube:
watch?v=W9xQr8Qz39Y (links are not allowed)

Results on zwiftpower:
events.php?zid=3894751 (links are not allowed)

If an admin is interested. I have the whole race on video.
In my opinion, it was obvious who was responsible for the bot, but I’m not going to point the finger at anyone.


I don’t know who/what “T. Hold my draft” was, but they weren’t giving us a lead out all race, they often were too far ahead of the lead group to give draft benefits.

The finishing time wasn’t two minutes quicker than other runs of this stage, I did pen D on Monday 1710 and Friday 1710 GMT. The respective winning times were 39mins44secs and 38mins34secs (in Companion app). My time was 1min8secs quicker on Friday, but Friday had a stronger lineup pushing harder.

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Ok 1:08 faster. And a bot that ensured that the pace was always high.

In recent weeks, there has been an informal arrangement to try and get strong Ds to enter Friday 1710 GMT and go for fast times.

For a lot of this year’s zmonthly races, it was usually Monday 1710 GMT, but there has been a definite shift to Fridays for whatever reason… Maybe because some are doing league races like WTRL on Tuesdays?

The pace of flatter races is usually fast when TyDiddySr is present, because their raw Watts output is massive, for example he averaged 392W to win Friday’s 1710 GMT. Which is only ~2.2W/Kg for him.

This is all true.

And there was a bot too.

They mentioned it and the riders watts and RPMs were steady.
And i have a video of the whole race :slight_smile:

TyDiddySr bad setup is not my problem and another topic. He just cheats himself.

I agree that, especially in a series of races with time ranking, using a bot/friend (with ability to be in a far higher race category) to help deliver a fast time doesn’t sit well.

I wasn’t in the race but looking at results the race did have some strong riders but it does look like the race time was fast due to the help you say you have seen. 5 riders in that race now sit in top 5 positions in the series results.

You basically have three options:
Report them
Flag them next time you see them doing the same thing
Ignore them

Link below for help on first two options.

However I suspect that it is all to easy to just set up another Zwift account and mess up future races, which I suspect this , probably fairly well known, user is looking to achieve.

Reporting Another Zwifter.

You’re right.
I’ll ignore them. I am not taking part in the GC race.

But I hope that Zwift will change the system in the near future.

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my message to the person controlling that bot, which for some completely unfounded reason i think he will probably see sooner or later, is that i think he should consider doing it in B or A races instead of D races if he is going to do it at all. preferably one i am in


So, I’ve come across this thread linked from zwift insider while I was commenting on something else.
I was in that race last night and I assume I’m one of the ‘5’ you’re referring too maybe!?
I can assure you, me or any of my team mates do not know about or have anything to do with whatever was going on.
There was a brief mention on our discord about a certain individual who’s been winding this race up for a few weeks and now has a new account and is doing it again!
It’ll be on your video and if you’ve raced this slot the last few Fridays you’ll know what I’m referring to. This Friday race thing started great with various people pulling the pace to try and get better times etc. but I know what you mean it has got silly and the fun is being sucked out of it!


How to setup a bot?

Dave, re-reading my post again I accept it could be read that I was suggesting somebody within the race has asked the bot/false account to assist. This was not my intention when writing and I certainly don’t think anyone wanted this person to have entered at all.

I watched the race again and completely agree with you.

Couldn’t decide whether to post this or not, but saw this in the Weds 1710 GMT Zmonthly, both seemingly having the exact same high Watts, both quit race just before finish.

Is it time to think about changing how Zmonthly GC table is decided, perhaps finishing position and using all the Zmonthly segment times as a tie-break to decide GC podium? :thinking:


If you see this, please use the Flag function in the companion app.

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There is no point in flagging new accounts with a trial subscription.

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S.Snary is in the same race :slight_smile:

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It takes 1 min 30s to create an account. Probably takes them longer to ban one.

Came across the Steve Snary Youtube channel today. He’s pretty blatant about using bots and cheating and has about a dozen banned accounts already so simply banning him doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent.


Cory, who posted above, is the same Steve Snary, who is really Wiiliam Chau - he’s creating lots of fake accounts and impersonating lots of users while cheating. He’s not fooling anyone.

Just ignore his pathetic behaviour and don’t feed the troll.

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Isn’t there something like an ip-ban?

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