The 2 minute run stop/start is back

Every two minutes (and I mean exactly 120s) my avatar stops. Three seconds later it’s back instantly to the original speed. I’m running on PC. I don’t believe it is interference my end as I have tried turning everything off but the footpod and happens if connected by Bluetooth, ant+ or companion app, anytime of day. The funny thing is, sometimes it’s ok for a few weeks - then there’s an update and bam, it’s back. Have given up on the duathlon series as it just spoils the fun. Very disappointing this can’t be eliminated once and for all.

What device is it you are using?

There’s no reports of this not have i ever heard of it happening to others. It sounds like something locally to your setup.

This happen to me a while back, it turned out to be spotify. They had released a new PC version and it kept spiking its resource requirements every 2 minutes, took a while to pin down and at the time it looked like a Zwift issue.

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Okay, thanks chaps. I’ll log the cpu/processes next time I run and see if I can spot anything, but I have literally nothing installed on the PC barring Zwift and I have no background apps like spotify running and unnecessary startup apps are disabled. It’s running at 15-20% cpu while jogging on the treadmill with zwift.