Synchronize .fit file timestamps for different users

It would be nice if the timestamps in the .fit file were synchronized. It appears that right now the timestamps are probably set based on the client’s clock. It would be nice if an offset to the server clock would be calculated and applied to the fit file timestamps so the Strava fly-by positions of riders were more accurate.

My use case will probably be moot at some point since I’m using fly-by to pick race finishing positions, but it’d probably still be nice to have outside of races.

Eventually when they get the group ride modes implemented you should be able to arrange a race and Zwift should then be able to automatically work out who won.

I think there are more people who would like to have the time zone localized to their location so rides show up on the correct day in Strava.

I don’t think the two are incompatible. It would just be a matter of Strava’s using the user’s timezone instead of local timezone for virtual rides.

I still think synchronization is a nice to have since most devices with GPS do time synchronization, whereas some computers may not. It’d make virtual rides more consistent with real ones.