Suggestion - Add feature so you can review group rides

Often see people regularly going into the main facebook groups and asking for group ride recommendations, or on the other hand complaining that a group ride wasnt as advertised.

My first group ride I tried for example was advertised as under 2 w/kg which would be recovery ride for me which is what i wanted and fancied trying a social chatty ride for the first time but ended up turning into a race and I was putting out effort to try and find a bunch to stay with.

So I thought it could be good to have a feature that would give riders the opportunity to leave feedback (like feefo/tripadvisor)

it seems that some are better than others, some have bad days etc and it would be good especially for the bigger organised rides who run with multiple leaders/sweepers its an organised way of feeding back something great or when something wasnt quite so good.

Just an idea