Stuck: Bike compatibility problems with Tacx flow to use Zwift

it looks like a standard road bike and should work just fine - a friend of mine has ridden one for years. Just make sure it is the right size for you.

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Thank you! This is apparently small mens bike which seems like it would fit me as I’m 5’9.

So for future reference why I’m looking around, a standard road bike with a QR is a safeish bet when it comes to compatibility with the Tacx Flow?

I can’t say for sure but I would guess you want the medium size.

Here’s a geometry chart for a 2016 Fuji Finest (not the bike you’re looking at but probably not far off). It says the standover height is 756mm for the small, 767mm for the medium. If you know the model and year for the bike, you can find it on

The other thing to bear in mind is that the bike, as purchased, probably won’t be a perfect fit for you. To ensure that you’re comfortable and producing good power without risking injury, you need to do a bike fit. You can pay to have the fit done professionally or, if you’re purchasing the bike from a store, they may do a basic one for you free-of-charge.

You can always do a fit yourself, there’s plenty of information on the internet (e.g. GCN’s “How To Perform A Basic Bike Fit”, How To Perform A Basic Bike Fit - YouTube).

Good luck :+1:

yes, the tacx flow is made to work with bikes like you are considering. If you never plan on taking it out on the road then fit isn’t quite as critical (eg. if you can’t reach the brakes when in the drops this won’t be an issue). But as William says you do need to consider comfort and performance.