Stress Points


I’ve had a long look through the topics so I hope I’m not repeated a question that’s already been answered…but could someone just clarify Stress Points under the workout options please - Am I right in thinking they are a way of quantifying the effort of the workouts? If so, what is the upper threshold to quantify maximum effort. I think I recall seeing Stress Points of 100+.


It’s roughly “TSS”.    In a nutshell the stress score is the total accumulated stress the activity will put on your body.    A super hard 10 minute workout might put the same stress as a 90 minute recovery day.   A hard and long ride might be up over 300 points.

If you’d like to get into the nitty gritty you can check out this detailed article on Training Peaks:

Can we search workouts by TSS pelase? It was something very useful when my coach prescribed my sessions on Trainer Road but I have now switched over to you guys and cant find this option.