Steering for route changes

Can the steering feature be used to make decisions on route turns rather than the having to click on a turn selection in the app or computer?

No it cannot.

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I see this as a request to get implemented.

Full support from my perspective, using a Stages SB20 which has two unused buttons as of now.

Could be left button for left turn, no button for straight, right button for right turn. And with more than three options: toggle one to left or right respectively.

I have filed this request also together with an HUD display of the gear info for the SB20.

Thanks for considering.

(For all SmartBike users with a fixed handlebar this seems (only to me?) the most appropriate approach to set the digital buttons in place)

This appears to work now. I found it out the hard way as I steered ahead of a turn, took the turn in the “wrong” direction and had to restart a > 1h ride that I was doing to get the checkmark for the route. I am on a Wahoo Kickr Bike. Steering via the buttons on the handle bars. Not sure if you can do straight.