Anyone else find it super hard to complete a standing interval?.
I find my left leg (non dominant) getting fatigued first, the muscles just above the knee.
I really struggle to get smooth cadence at the power setting requested by the training program. FTP BUILDER

Standing and riding indoors is difficult unless you have one of the rocker platforms.

but really, the program is not supposed to be easy is it?

Ok!!! No rocker platform! Thanks for the excuse! :slight_smile:
But, your correct, it is not easy. I will continue to do my best (without injury)

Hi @Moyra_Deans,

Yes! I am on my third training program and still struggle with the standing. I feel like I am ever so slowly improving in that I can stand for a few seconds now, whereas at the beginning I couldn’t do it at all. I really don’t understand how people do any of the slightly higher cadence standing work.

That said, I did the 3rd segment of the Tour de Zwift last week on the mountain route (the one with the radio tower) and was super excited to be able to stand for part of the climbing. I put it in a really hard gear and pedaled slowly, which worked pretty well. So I guess it is doing some good.

And I loved the FTP Builder. I did it twice and wanted something different so now am doing the Build Me Up, which honestly is good, but a bit much for me. I am looking forward to going back to the FTP Builder when I am done with Build Me Up.

I’ve found it weird/uncomfortable in the beginning, but after a couple of tries I got a hang of it. I can go the intervals without any issue now, but they don’t feel natural. I’m starting to think about either buying or making my own rocker platform.

But that’s hard to do during these times. At least where I live.

I find it easier to shift to my hardest gear when I stand up and I pedal a slower pace.
I’m on a dumb trainer.

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That is what I want to do! But my trainer out smarts me. I can control better at 55 cadence but the program wants me to do 65. Perhaps I should just stay on 55 and see if I can complete the interval instead of sitting early…

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Standing is hard at first, and even more so on a trainer than outside. Be patient with your progress on that.


You will get credit for the work out segment if you meet the power goal.
The cadence is just a suggestion.
The cadence was recommended by the designer for a reason but they recognize that some gear ratios just won’t let you meet both power and cadence.
I generally try to get close.
That’s on a dumb trainer.


Wow, thank you. I did not know the cadence was a suggestion.
And… funny how invested I get in getting that little star beside the segment, bit pathetic but…

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They maybe more strict with a smart trainer in ERG mode.

Next time it comes up in a segment, I will stand and control my form at the best cadence I can do, if I dont get credit because of sub cadence i will report back

Nah, that’s the point. It’s not they catch us :smiley: More stars means more xp… And we just need more levels and equippables, right? :slight_smile:

I second the sentiment about cadence. It’s not mandatory for successful interval. But with practice you can reach it.