Now that the beta is picking up my Strava-API site is capturing some good/fun data:
Congrats Greg on bumping up to 2nd place after taking the Col d’Zwift. I’m trying to work my way up… it’s not easy!

That looks pretty cool. How do you earn points? Did you just start counting points for Zwift today or does it reset every day?

It recalculates daily but remembers the past so it can show changes. Long story short, it crawls a geographic square (v easy for zwift) and gathers all the segment ID’s, then it pulls the leaderboards, takes the top 10% of positions on each, and then awards points. Points = total riders on the segment/your place. So if 64 people have ridden it, KOM gets 64pts, 2nd gets 32, etc. There is some logic for tiebreakers to keep it fun. I didn’t port over the detail explanations when I upgraded it a year or 2 ago but the old page is still around here:
(used to be called strabbaranks but I renamed it).

You can really see the beta blowing up via sranks and the point and rider count totals if you place well you see your points grow daily since they are based on the number of people who have ridden the segments (and are on strava). That’s blown up to over 100 very quickly/recently.