speed spikes in downloaded fit files

(Anton Volek (AutobusCC)) #1

When I upload the fit file to strava after a zwift ride, the speed data looks strange.  it resembles a saw, in that there are equally spaced drops or spikes within the data.  I find this strange as the power output is consistent (using trainerroad while zwifting) and so is the cadence.  Speed data line however shows as saw teeth.  

Whats interesting is that the speed data looks like it was processed using digitalEPO http://www.scarletfire.co.uk/how-to-tell-if-someone-used-digital-epo-to-cheat-on-strava/


Has anyone experienced this before?

(Jason K) #2

Here’s the lowdown from one of our devs:

We call them “speed chomps” and it’s a known bug. It doesn’t affect your actual rider in Zwift at all and it also doesn’t affect any of your trimes on Strava, so it’s been a lower priority fix for us. Once we get some of our bigger features done we’ll go in and take a look at this.