So confused ,simple question

I’m a day old into this ZWIFF and my RUNN arrives Thursday. I’m reading this forum to get an idea on how things work.

Anyway, I downloaded the ZWIFF app and made an account ,but now I’m reading here about this Zwift Companion ,and also see people mentioning the game.

What is what and what app do I need to run when using the RUNN ,and why are there 3 different apps, ZWIFF , Companion and Game?

Also, when using the RUNN which apps do I use ?


Hi Rainer -

You really only need the ZWIFT app to Run on Zwift. You’ll connect the RUNN as a sensor to detect the speed and cadence. There is no separate app that you’ll need to “use” the RUNN. However, for firmware updates of the RUNN, you’ll want to use the ConfigurEZ app (from your previous post).

Regarding the companion app, if you use a tablet, or PC/Mac to run the game, then you can also download the Companion app on your phone to control Zwift. For example, sending messages, registering for events, etc.

But since you’re going to be running Zwift on your Samsung phone, you don’t need to worry about the companion app – for now.

Hope this helps.

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Not sure what ZWIFF is?

Zwift (the main app/game) is exactly that, the main game
Zwift Companion App is intended to be used on your phone while running Zwift on a different device, it acts as a “companion” to the game and allows certain features to be at your fingertips while you are riding or running.

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Mike explained it pretty well. The Zwift app is the game itself. If you want to use Zwift, you can do it with just the Zwift app on your phone or other device. The Companion app, as Mike said, is mean to be a companion to the Zwift game. The way I do it, I run the Zwift app/game on my laptop sitting on a card table in front of me (when biking) or beside me (when running on the TM). That shows me the in-game first person type view with standings and other fun stats (speed, pace, distance, climbing, etc…). I then have the Companion app running on my phone which is easier to access when I am riding or running than trying to reach over to the computer. There are times when you might want to activate a booster, take a turn on the course, signal to other riders, give “ride-ons”, or other things which can be really tricky if your main device running the game is out of reach.

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Hi Rainer,
Welcome to Zwift! :slightly_smiling_face:
The main app you need for running is the Zwift app. You use it for starting a route in the virtual world, training, and so on.
The companion app is ‘extra’ and allows you to have an easier oversight (arguably) of your activities and the social stuff. You can use the companion app during a run to get more information, like a map, and chat with other people and give ride-ons (run-ons don’t exist unfortunately).
I would suggest to get familiar with the main app first and then after a couple runs give the companion a try. That might be a bit less overwhelming.
I don’t use the RUNN myself so can’t advise on that.

There’s a lot of tutorial material on the Zwift site and internet in general, so you might want to search around a bit.

Enjoy :+1:

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Thanks for all the replies, appreciate it. I couldn’t reply yesterday because I hit my limit for daily posts. I guess I asked too many questions for a newbie :slight_smile:

LOL, I think that is just put in place so people don’t spam the forums

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