Smartphone and Zwift HUB cant connect


I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. I have both the Zwift and Zwift Companion apps installed. When I start the Zwift app the trsiner tries to find the device via BT and ANT. The ZWIFT HUB also appears in the mobile phone’s BT search. When I click on it, the message “This application requires an app” always appears on my smartphone. But I can pair the device. But no connection is established. I don’t understand what the problem is. I have already restarted the smartphone.

Afaik this phone has no ANT+, you have to pair with Bluetooth.

You can’t run both apps on one device!

Don’t start BT search on the phone, delete the Hub from the list, start Zwift and let it pair.

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Hi Milan,

Thanks a lot. That was the problem. I had to start BT at the smartphone and then klicking on powerdelivery button in the app. Now he finds it.

The manuell BT activation over the Smartphone was the problem.

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