SkiErg with PM5

I see there are a couple other posts about Zwifting with Concept2  rowers, but I think there could be a pretty simple solution for xc skiers on a SkiErg. Zwift can already pair with my PM5 monitor from my SkiErg when it broadcasts ANT+, but no power shows up on Zwift when I start poling. I figued it would be fun enough if I ski and Zwift moves a bike, but that doesn’t work… yet!

Anyway, if the power from the PM5 can be used, the quick solution as far as skiing goes would be to just have a roller-skier avatar on the same roads as the bikes. 

Just my thoughts.

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Would love it.

I would love this as well, especially to gain access to structured work outs and link them to my watts I’m putting out in the Skierg.