Shaving body for aero gains?

I think we definitely need this feature within the game. It’s been confirmed that a shaven body gets you better aerodynamics than the standard unshaven body. Naturally, we should also be given the option to toggle clothes once this is implemented as well, since once your body is perfectly smooth, clothes can actually hinder aero gains (ex. jersey collar).

In terms of the mechanics, perhaps we could get a virtual razor to shave our virtual body. This could also be potentially useful if you want to make custom patterns. For example, one could shave a number into their character’s back if they’re part of a group ride, or something along those lines. I wouldn’t mind being able to experiment just to see what gives me the best gains.

Are you for real?


Makes a pretty big difference:

Those who don’t want to spend the effort of shaving their character don’t have to. I personally want to see smooth skin on my character though.

That’s funny, but I think it goes a little beyond the scope of this virtual cycling environment.  This isn’t The Sims.