Seeking Advise. Looking for Fluid Trainer to fit with Felt VR40

Seeking advise. I’m looking for a less expensive trainer that will fit my Felt VR40.The bike does not have QR Skewer.  

Today, had my first Zwift ride but the bike popped out of the trainer; it is skewer related.  The skewer that came with the Ascent Fluid Trainer is too short.  We bought a longer skewer but nuts don’t seem to fit as they should in the Ascent Fluid Trainer.  We thought it was tight enough but the riding/ vibration just seems to loosen to quickly.

Sure, the unit was only $110.  I’m not interested in spending much more. Perhaps $200.  Do any of you have a Felt bike? What kinds of trainers do you use?

I’m not a racer, just an enthusiast who has winter sport interests so spending lots of money on this will take away from lift tickets. :slight_smile:



This has been one of my most frustrating fitness projects.

I have a Felt S32 and have use a very low end trainer (I think it’s a RAD) and a Tacx Satori Smart and have never had a skewer issue.

Wait… your frame uses a 12 x 142 mm thru-axle. You can’t (to my knowledge) just shove a standard QR skewer like the one that came with your trainer into it and expect it to work.

Higher-end trainers are often convertible to work with thru-axles or QR skewers, but I doubt there are many options at or below $200.  There are a number of reasons why spending more and upgrading to a controllable smart trainer is a good idea… but that’s a topic for a different thread.

If you just want your bike to work with the trainer you’ve got? Try looking here:

Unfortunately, Felt bikes aren’t included in their axle selector drop-downs, so you’ll have to do a bit of extra work looking at your thru-axle to be sure you get the correct one for your application, but it shouldn’t be very difficult.

Good Luck!  


You could just get something like this: