Schwinn IC8 Spin Bike

Hi Bernhard,
The rubbing noise is another gotcha that I saw when I was looking into the calibration. As you increase the resistance the magnet gets pulled further across the wheel but also the emergency brake stopper on the top side of the magnet fixture gets closer and closer to the wheel. They claim in the instructions to turn the knob such that it wont turn anymore then back it off a quarter of a turn, unfortunately when you do that on the 100 side, the emergency brake is still somewhat applied to the wheel. Besides wearing down, I’m not sure if it will cause much more damage but I’m also sure it wasn’t intended from schwinn. You can test my theory that its the emergency brake by putting it on a low resistance, going real slow and then slowly pressing down on the resistance knob, the noise should be familiar.

Brad, you have to pair the Bluetooth within the app. It’s completely different than any other Bluetooth pairing that people are used to. But it’s easy if you do it that way.

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It worked for me. Did a 10 min ride on Level 30 with 70 turns before calibration. Had an average watt of 218 with no sweating. After calibration I did another 10 min ride on Level 30 with 70 turns and it was much harder. I had an average watt of 229 but I was sweating a lot. I am of average weight and hight and low training level about 1-2 hours a week. Before calibration I had a FTP of 386. I will do an FTP check soon, but not sure if I could keep 229 for one hour.

Hi All,
Thank you for all of your comments. I bought the Bowflex C6 specifically to use Zwift as I love it. My readings are all off so based on all of your research and attempts, what should I do? 1. Try and recalibrate? 2. Request a new console? 3. Or try to return it ? Thanks!

My FTP was reduced from 386 to 290. Sounds better, probably still too high.

Hello everyone,

I am also the (not so) proud owner of a Schwinn IC4 bike. I found myself with inflated numbers like the rest of you. Have a look here at a previous post that details my problem and my results after the calibration process I followed that was posted in this thread.

In short, it takes more effort to produce the same numbers I was getting before. If anyone has comparisons between a properly calibrated Schwinn and a trusted power meter I’d love to see them.

Hi, I’m riding an Ic8 since begin of January, starting out with an FTP of 220.

After 1 month of training (almost every day) it went up to 350, peeking 2 days ago I raced at average 420.

By then I knew something was wrong, so I stumbled on this topic. I recalibrated the bike dropping from 420 to 155! I feel like a snail and really in doubt what is realistic to expect. I would have more peace with an average of 200-220. Now a recovery is around 1.0 w/kg.

Not really sure how-to approach this problem.

I just did a
race and won with an average of 3.9w/kg and an avg heartrate 147bpm.
So i recalibrated the bike. The instructions say turn the resistance until it is unable to turn any further than 1/4 counter clockwise. The first time i did this every level above 75 resulted in a complete wheel lock.
So i did this again. This time while pedalling so that level 100 equals a full wheel lock and scrubbing noise. Now the max usable level is about 93.
I did a short test and it feels much more realistic.
The only question is. When is it calibrated close to reality? It’s more like guessing at the moment.

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I think you will need a power meter to determine that, something like powertap pedals. it won’t be possible to gauge a difference of say ±30w.

latest from Schwinn.

Thank you for contacting Schwinn Fitness International.

I’m sorry to hear of the trouble you are experiencing with your Schwinn IC8 and the Zwift app.

We are aware of the compatibility issue between the bike and the Zwift app and are working with Zwift to determine a resolution. We do not as yet know how that resolution will be implemented (through the IC8 or through a change in the Zwift app) but once a resolution has been reached and is ready for implementation it will likely be done either via a firmware update through the IC8 itself or an app update with Zwift. We are working diligently to come up with a solution but do not, as yet, have an ETA on when or how that solution will become available.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Thank you,

Shawna Garrett

International Technical Department

International Main line 00-800-2277-1111

International Main Line Australia 0011-800-2277-1111

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That is a really good news to hear. We can now postpone the reselling of our new bikes :grinning:
Thanks for the updates.

Well, now that i recalibrated my bike. Racing seems very realistic. My wattage and heartrate are very close to others around me. My ftp probably dropped by more than 120 (yet to do the actual ftp test again). So i am happy with how the bike is setup now. If they bring a software update. Wouldn’t that make my power output plummet?

It would make your power output more accurate, hopefully. How do you know that the calibration you did gave you accurate power? Can you confirm the numbers with a second source or on a friends smart trainer?

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I started to ride on the schwinn ic8 bike with zwift. If i ride around 30km/h , on zwift i maybe reach 15… what can i do?

hi guys!
any updates from schwinn yet? been a while :slight_smile:
@Sasha_Douliez are you still happy with your calibration? I have a IC8 as well and feel like a pro on zwift, which clearly i’m not :sweat_smile:

Hi I was wondering if you could help I’m a complete newbie, I’m an avid walker who’s trying to be kinder to my knees. My question from reading this thread is, what would I need to get this to work with Zwift? I just have the bike an iPad and an apple watch so far, many thanks xx

Hi @lucy_Allen! Search for “GCN zwift for beginners” on youtube. Very helpful video and should answer all your questions. :slight_smile:

I was looking at this bike since I’ve been meaning to get one and because a lot of cheaper options are sold out. I stumbled across this forum while researching. Do I understand correctly, that this issue is not just with Zwift, but even when using the bike on its own, the readings will be incorrect?

It’s quite baffling that such a problem exists at this price range and even more that it hasn’t been fixed.

Hi Ralf,
My experience is the rpm, time and resistance level are correct. The rpm is displayed more like a speedometer and can be tricky to get an exact number. It is up for debate wether the resistance is calibrated correctly, but the resistance read is consistent and repeatable.

I’m not sure if speed or distance on a spin bike is ever a real metric however your average speed multiplied by your time should match the distance and on my console that is not the case.

Calories burned is inflated which is the big one and relates to the incorrect power being sent to zwift.

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Yes, ever since i calibrated it’s been much more realistic. Haven’t won a race ever since. I’m gonna do a new ftp test one of these days.

Remember, the distance on your console does not account for any uphill or downhill distance. So when riding uphill, your computer thinks you’re travelling at the same speed.
I find that riding on flats, the distance is very close to what zwift shows.